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Honorable Mentions AOTY 2012

51: (Tie) Channel Orange (as in a tv channel)Image

-The review that will get me the most shit is the last one that was kicked out of the top 50. Easily the most overhyped album of 2012. That’s not to say the album was but the entire album wasn’t good. I tried listening to Channel Orange ten times (literally) and could not get into it. “Thinking Bout You” started the album off great but there was not a quality song until “Crack Rock” (the ninth track). “Pyramids” however is phenomenal, and is one of the best songs of the year. When a song runs nine minutes and fifty-three seconds it usually means death. Frank Ocean pulls it off by using a variety of great beats and his smooth voice carries it the rest of the way. That being said Frank Ocean’s voice is the only thing that holds the album together; the beats and lyrics were too inconsistent for my taste. Overall it was good, but I think it is a bit preemptive to compare him to Marvin Gaye or Al Green.


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