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2012 Album Of The Year

36: Rare Chandeliers By Action Bronson & The Alchemist


-The Anthony Bourdain of rap, Action Bronson had a huge year with two of the best mixtapes in 2012. This one was really hard to choose to put on the Top 50 mainly because Action Bronson also put out Blue Chips earlier this year (which is great as well). Rare Chandeliers is better than Blue Chips mainly due to the fact that the Alchemist produced it, meaning that the beats are supreme. Furthermore, remember when Quentin Tarantino his movie “Grindhouse”? That’s what Rare Chandeliers is for music. It has flaws, and is imperfect, but the imperfections are what make it so special. Bronson himself is one of the most vivid, grittiest rappers and his rhymes are perfect on this album. Enjoy with a Pinot Noir.


Get Blue Chips here


And get Rare Chandeliers here

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