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2012 Album Of The Year

8: Traphouse Rock By Kids These Days


-A Hip-hop group with a brass section. Have I died and gone to heaven? If you don’t know me I’m a sucker for brass, sorry. Liam Cunningham has rhymes up there with Kendrick Lamar and El-P, Macie Stewart’s voice is just as good as Lana Del Rey, and the brass section is on par with Streetlight Manifesto. It not only is a great album but it’s got great singles with “Doo-Wah”, “Don’t Harsh My Mellow”, and “Who Do U-Luv” to name a few. All under 21 yet they’ve got the best rap/hip-hop album of the year (my opinion). My biggest regret of 2012 is not seeing them live but I have a good feeling that they’ll be around for a long time to come.


Get it here fo free


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