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Sun City 2013

The following are my thoughts on the DJ’s and my story as to what happened at the Sun City Music Festival 2013.

So when i got to Sun City Music Festival i didnt know what to expect. It a medium sized festival in El Paso. It starts late in the evening and goes to 2 am and is 2 days total. 

On the first night i had a tight schedule planned. yeah it totally went to shit. I got to the festival and saw Ookay first and he killed it. Next i went to see Deniz Kuyo who did a good job but the main stage was way to packed for me so i decided to see what else was going on so i went to the Beatport stage. the easiest way to describe the Beatport stage is beautiful. the lighting fixture was unreal. it was a lot of european dj’s playing trance/house (i think it was Michel de Hey) which always sounds better live. it was also great in that it was the least crowded. you could literally walk to the front rail if you wanted because everyone was relaxing and dancing. great place to take a break. 
after a short detour at Kill Paris i made my way to Adventure Club who’s lights were spectacular for the main stage. afterwards i stuck around for a bit to see some of Markus Schulz who was good but it was simply too crowded for me. I then went and went from GTA (they were the wildest/most energetic performance of saturday) and Stefano Noferini who had the most positive crowd. after i went to see Aoki at the Main Stage. on the way there i was stopped by 2 security guards who searched my bag. turns out if lots of people ask you for pills (and you tell them no) security gets suspicious and might search you, whatever. Steve Aoki was good but for me his shows arent that fun unless you’re up front and the crowd got me feeling really claustrophobic so i left (are you seeing the pattern here?). When i left i went between Crizzly, Sebastien Leger, and Armin Van Buuren. I’ve got to stay being “The Number One DJ in the World” i expected more from AvB. but it was ok because Borgore and Popof both ended the night well. 


ok the rest of the night was brutal. I caught up with a friend after the show and her phone was dead and so i helped her find her friends. turns out all of their phones were dead and their driver had lost her license, wallet, phone and keys…she was kind of a shit show. So me and a mutual friend went and after 2 and a half hours (4:30am) we finally found their shit and i hitched a ride with them. I crashed on their hotel floor and they were lovely, we even tanned a bit the next morning. then later that morning my savior Gina picked me up and i recuperated with her and my friend (devin my main homegirls family with whom i was staying).


Night 2 the turnup was real. I got there later than i wanted and missed Andrew Parsons Just Blaze and the start of Le Castle Vania but he was superb mixing in lots of his new stuff. that night i didnt go stage to stage because in my mind the Bass Dunes stage was by far the best. I saw Le Castle Vania, Zomboy, Flosstradamus, Baauer and Dillon Francis. a quick shout out to the people i met at SCMF. during Baauer i helped a gal with her recycling and she gave me a kandi so i was pumped. next a heads up lots of people do drugs at festivals (if you didnt already know) so when i warned some guys that security was coming they gave me a complimentary bump of god knows what but it was killer. the only problem was i had a slight come down during “Mosh Pit” a new Flosstradamus track. speaking of Flosstradamus if you get a chance to see them, do it. They managed a perfect blend of hip-hop and fucking killer trap/house/other balling stuff and they were my favorite act of the festival by far. Next came Baauer and i felt bad from him. He was scheduled vs. Alesso aka everyone left his stage. It was literally the smallest audience for any DJ (minus the local ones) at the festival. That was great for me because i helped the chica previously mentioned. then i was able to get to the 2nd row which was great because Baauer had a surprisingly great set but ran a bit long. when i say ran a bit long i mean Dillon Francis went on 15 minutes late which normally isnt bad but at that point i was completely dead from the night and the previous night. also i love Dillon Francis… but he disapointed. He played loads of other peoples stuff and it showed. I love his variety, he goes from trap, to moombahton, to house, to dubstep to everything but he didnt have as much variety in his live set. i could tell because i did the same (white person) dance for 3 songs in a row. Thats how similar the songs were! however it was still good and the highlight of his set came with the fireworks. now a side note about the fireworks, there were supposed to be fireworks after all the dj’s had finished yet BOTH nights they went off in the middle of the closing sets which was fucking annoying. secondly Dillon Francis was closing out the Bass Dunes stage and had a smaller audience due to the fact that he was going against Tiesto. so when dillon francis yelled “Tiesto can suck my dick” whilst djing i got a bit emotional. it was beautiful fuck you. also there was no baby mama drama after the fest so i was pumped. 

all in all it was great and totally worth it. I paid $80 for my tickets in april and at the door it was 190 for a 2 day pass so suck on that. 



1. i like being alone at festivals. you can see who you want. its easier to maneuver a crowd and get to the front with one person rather than with 6 people. if you want to take a break or just sit down if you’re tired and don’t have to worry about holding others up. you can meet new people (either way really). if peeps are in your group and they’re drunk or high you have to take care of them  (Maybe its just me but)

2. shout out to the moms and dads that took their kids to a music festival

3. shout out the the older peeps who started raving in the 80’s and are still going hard at shows nowadays

4. if you have a bag people will ask you for pills and security might stop and search you if they hear people asking you for pills

5. you really don’t have to worry about how you dress. there will always be someone classier than you and someone that is more ratchet than you

6. dance wherever. ideally its the front row but if you’re dancing in the line to get food no one really bats an eye

7. the in between time at festivals in little to none. at other festivals there has to be a sound check for all the instruments, eq, and background/set decorations. electronic festivals (Sun City at least) has maybe a 5 minute break between to switch controllers and synth pads and the sets are digital so theres no change in stage.

8. most dj’s are better live. chances are you don’t have 6 dozen top of the line Marshall amps so the sound is way better and the transitions are cooler.

9. this is all opinion but drugs (and drinking) are overrated. don’t get me wrong they are fun but if you drop $180 to go to a show it better be fucking killer. if you need drugs to enjoy music then you are at the wrong show. if you do drugs to enhance an already great show then ok, just don’t die cuz its bullshit that a festival can be cancelled because two fuckers OD’d.

10. the dj’s walk around the festival grounds a lot so you can get some cool pictures if you’re lucky

11. water should be free. Warped Tour’s refillable stations are perfect and if you’re charging people for water dont act surprised when people pass out.

12. the best acts are the ones you didn’t expect or mean to see. 

13. hydrate

14. 12 is usually true but sometimes your idols put on a damn good show

15. i get that people started smuggling drugs in liquids but c’mon, throwing away lipstick, contact solution, and hundreds of sealed bottles of water is ridiculous 

16. turn up

17. being in the middle of 10,000 sweaty people is a nightmare

18. being in the middle of 10,000 sweaty people is a nightmare and seeing Dillon Francis is a dream come true

19. crowd surfing isn’t that big at electric shows

20. glasses break easier than contacts. plan accordingly

21. buy tickets for festivals when they’re cheapest. worst comes to worst you can sell your ticket and make a fortune

22. moshpits are great if you need to get towards the front

23. moshpits are bad if you’re the front because you have nowhere to go but back

24. if you get caught with weed you might get kicked out, meet dillon francis, and then get let back in (im speaking about a friend)

25. they wont let you take contact solution in. or lipstick/chapstick. which makes sense because you could put lsd or something in your bottle or lipstick tip but cmon druggies. you’re creativity is fucking normal people over 



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