AOTY 2014 6

6. Melophobia – Cage the Elephant



AOTY 2014 9

9. Love Has Come For You – Steve Martin

If you don’t get down to bluegrass then you can fuck right off. That being said this album was a different pace for Steve Martin. Usually his stuff has been more upbeat but this was a slower pace album that focused almost exclusively on Steve’s banjo playing and Edie Brickell’s vocals. Great call. 

ok technicalities explained.

So I wanted Free the Universe by Major Lazer to be 8 Matangi by MIA to be 9 and Yeezus by Kanye West to be 10. However, Free the Universe and Matangi had songs that were released 2012. When I do AOTY I want albums with all original material from that year. This was to avoid reissues making the list. Next is sampling. I am a huge fan of sampling. I think the Hood Internet, Eclectic Method, The White Panda etc are great but they are using a majority of other peoples work. Same goes for Yeezus and therefore it was not top 10 material. Ok now the top ten



25. Youth – citizen

24. Because The Internet – Childish Gambino

23. Nostalgic 64 – Denzel Curry

22. Patterns – Dale Earhart Jr Jr

21. Get Wet – Krewella

20. MGMT

19. BetterOffDEAD – Flatbush Zombies

18. Pura Vida Conspiracy – Gogol Bordello

17. MBV – My Bloody Valentine

16. Night Time, My Time – Sky Ferreira

15. SV- Sweet Valley

14. Prophication – Le Castle Vania

13. Yeezus – Kanye West

12. Matangi – MIA

11. Free the Universe – Major Lazer